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Cernos Gel 1% (Testosterone Gel)
Cernos Gel 1% (Testosterone Gel)

Testosterone treatments

Decrease in testosterone level is normal as men age but if this problem occurs at an early age, then it may create a lot of sexual health problems. It that case testosterone treatments are necessary. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of functions in a man’s body including:

  • Production of sperm

  • Maintaining sex drive

  • Strength of the muscle

  • Fat distribution

  • Bone density

  • Production of blood cell.

If the level of testosterone decreases, then it may create a lot of sexual discomforts like infertility, erection problem, reduced sex drive, weakening of bones, loss of body hair, disturb in sleeping habit, emotional changes etc. Deficiency in testosterone is a serious matter and thus testosterone treatment is a must need if you are facing this problem.

Causes of testosterone deficiency

There can be a lot of reasons behind the testosterone deficiency and this includes:

  • Klinefelter's Syndrome.

  • Infection or any injury of the testicles.

  • Chronic illness.

  • Failure of the kidney.

  • Too much absorption of alcohol.

  • Stress.


Nowadays there are many treatments available for testosterone and these includes testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone supplements, Intramuscular injections, testosterone gel etc. These treatments can be very expensive and these can have some negative effects on the health as well. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before anyone start a testosterone treatment.

The main aim of the testosterone treatment is to increase the testosterone level in the body. One of the most widely used testosterone supplement is Cernos gel and you can buy this product online at an affordable price from Sun Modalert.


There are few benefits of testosterone treatments like acquiring healthy blood and heart, increased sex drive, better mood, the gain in muscle etc. It improves the sexual arousal and activity and provides better libido. These benefits are commonly achieved although, these are not 100% proven as it does not work for each and every one. Proper treatment and proper use of the gels or injections are very important to get a firm result.

Side effects

Every kind of testosterone treatment can have some side effects such as skin irritation, fluid retention, increase the chance of blood clotting, the decrease in testicle size, increased the chance of heart disease, sudden mood swings etc. People can face a different kind of side effects and any of these discomforts should be confronted to the physician.


Testosterone treatments should be used as prescribed and suggested. As an example, if anyone is using the gels, the person should avoid any kind of contacts with others, especially with the children. If exposed to young children, this can cause puberty at an early age. People with urinary tract problems, heart diseases, prostate cancer etc. should avoid this kind of treatment.

Testosterone treatments are to maintain and to normalize the testosterone level. These treatments require regular use of the supplements or the medicines in order to get a satisfied result. After consulting with a doctor, it is very easy to buy any such supplements online for a better treatment of the testosterone. You can buy the best product at a lower price.