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Azithromycin 250 mg
Azithromycin 250 mg
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Ciprofloxacin 500 mg (Ciprolet)
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Doxycycline 100 mg

Before you buy Antibiotics online please read on for more information.


‘Antibiotics’ or in simple words ‘anti-bacterial’ are kind of medicines which are used for the treatment of any disease caused by bacteria. Antibiotic medicine kills the bacteria or prevents them from reproducing. These are very powerful medicines and if used properly, these medicines can be very effective and even are capable of saving a life from a bacterial attack. As prescribed often to cure any infections caused by germs, you can buy antibiotics online for your convenience. Ecommerce websites like Sun Modalert 24 are authorized online seller of medicine and you can get antibiotics easily to your doorstep by ordering them online. Purchase Anibiotics today.

How do antibiotics work?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms and few of them are harmful and cause illness. The Antibacterial fights against these bacteria and destroy them before they can cause an incurable disease. All antibiotics work in either of these two ways, they kill the bacteria or they stop them from multiplying.

·         The bactericidal antibiotic is a kind of antibacterial which destroys the bacteria.

·         The bacteriostatic antibiotic is a kind of antibacterial which stops the bacteria from multiplying.

Uses of Antibiotics

People over 75 years old or babies under 72 hours old are prone to bacterial attack. Even people with heart failure, diabetes, HIV are also an easy attack for the bacteria due to the weaken immune system. Antibiotics are used to prevent bacterial infections and these are only used when suggested by the physician. There are certain conditions when antibiotics can be used and these are:

ü  The Bacterial attack which is not curable without any antibiotic and when the condition of this attack is not too serious.

ü  In the cases of skin infections or sexually transmitted infections where the infection can spread to other people if not treated properly.

ü  In the case of kidney infection antibiotics speed up the recovery and this is suggested by many physicians.

ü  In the case of complications like pneumonia or cellulitis antibiotics are used widely.

ü  Antibiotics are used to prevent many infections Antibiotic prophylaxis are used to prevent an infection rather than treating it. So this antibiotic is used if you are having any kind of surgery.

ü  Antibiotics are also used in case of possible infection due to animal or human bites.

Possible side effects of antibiotics

Antibiotics can have some possible side effects and these are diarrhea, fungal infection in the mouth, kidney stone formation, clotting of blood, deafness etc.