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Cheap Modafinil Online

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What Is Sun Modalert And How Does It Work?

Sun Pharma Modalert is simply the generic labeled version of a different drug called Modafinil. Sun Modalert 200 mg is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and is primarily sold from online pharmacies based out of India. It is available in 100mg and 200mg tablets.
Sun Modalert has gained in popularity because of the exorbitant cost of Provigil, which is a non-generic form of Sun pharma Modafinil. It is counted frequently among a popular class of compounds known as Nooropics. Sometimes it is also referred to as a smart drug or cognitive enhancer since it is thought to improve learning, memory, and other cognitive processes.

Before You buy cheap Modafinil online

Modalert from Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the most popular versions of generic Modafinil that is sold in certain offshore pharmacies such as our online store. The drug was developed in the late 1970s in France. After extensive research, the drug was finally offered as a treatment for narcolepsy for the first time in 1986 in France. Currently, Modalert is currently used more widely than its parent drug adrafinil.
In the USA, Modfinil is a controlled substance, which means that you cannot import it legally from international pharmacies and it is subject to seizure at the border. This is why most people prefer Adrafinil, which is not a controlled substance and requires no prescription.
Some countries do allow importation of Modalert pills that you have ordered online but it is wise to check with local authorities always to determine if this is the case. When you buy cheap Modafinil online from Sun Modalert 24 you do not need a prescription.


There are several benefits associated with the use of sun pharma Modalert. The most common use is for clinical purposes including the treatment of shift work sleep disorder, narcolepsy, and as an adjunct treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Technically, within the United States these are the only permitted treatments for this drug. This means that pharmaceutical companies are not permitted to advertise any other benefits or uses.
However, under FDA policy, doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs for non-approved purposes. For this reason there are many off-label uses for Modalert.
Several users have started using Modalert as a kind of cognitive enhancer. Some users report that it is quite effective in improving memory, both working memory and short term memory. Others feel that it helps them improve their learning capacity, increase attention spans, and improve the ability to concentrate and focus.
Modalert has also been shown to have profound weight loss effects. Modalert is cited as raising the rate of fat burning even in those people that maintain a healthy weight. Several studies show that it has an effect of reducing appetite. For such effects however, the dosage needs to be 400mg per day as opposed to the regular 200mg.
Modalert has also proven useful in the treatment of cocaine and opiate addictions. Observations show that clinical effects of Modalert are mostly opposite to cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Even though only few studies have gone into this effect, they were mostly inconclusive. It will be interesting to know where further research will take this. Get cheap Modalert here


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Sun Modalert is quite the wonder drug, which seems to treat more than it was originally designed for. If you wish to enjoy the extended benefits of the drug then it is the right time to start using it. You can buy cheap modalert online today. You can buy Modafinil with credit card, Bitcoins and Echeck